River City Construction & Restoration, Inc was formed to change the restoration industry. By combining a team of industry professionals who know how to navigate the insurance claims process, and inserting the highest quality of craftsmanship into our product, we have quickly established ourselves as the leader in the Sacramento area fire restoration industry. We absolutely rely on our customers and their satisfaction. At River City Construction & Restoration, Inc we understand that our customers are not typical consumers, but rather victims of a major life altering event that often times comes with emotional, financial, and time consuming hardships. We want you to know that we care about your situation. Our goal on each and every project is to get our customers back into their homes as fast as possible, and with as little stress as possible.


We have extensive experience in all areas of the restoration process. We offer no obligation estimates to verify the accuracy of your insurance adjuster’s scope of work, and we will work with your insurance carrier to reach an agreed upon settlement. While some contractors will take months to achieve this process, we can often times have an agreement in a matter of days.


Our project management team and labor force understand the rebuild process and we will work with you closely to make sure you understand it as well. We go the extra mile to insure you will not be left with residual smoke odor, and we work with excellent suppliers who can supply product to return your home to exactly as it was before the damage, or provide you with a fresh new look. In every instance, your home will be much better than it was before we crossed paths. We like to look on the positive side of the insurance claims process and we hope to be able to pass that attitude on to you as well.


While we specialize in insurance restoration work, we are also a full service general contractor and have completed a vast portfolio of projects ranging from small additions to full scale remodels. We are ready, willing and able to help with your project. We look forward to serving you.


Jim McConnell

General Contractor

River City Construction & Restoration, Inc